NFL’s first female referee: "Do what you love"

People packed into the Brown Lupton University Union Ballroom Nov. 13 to hear an inspirational message from the NFL’s first full-time female official about overcoming hardships in her profession. Sarah Thomas became the NFL’s first female referee in 2015. Now, she is in her fifth season as an official, but being a woman in a male-dominated field comes with its battles. Thomas never was one to back down from a challenge, no matter what adversity she faced. She said her passion for sports led h

Alum encourages donations on TCU Gives Day

An alum and his family have issued a challenge to TCU supporters: If 2,500 people donate to the university on TCU Gives Day, they’ll donate $100,000. TCU Gives Day is a 24-hour event that starts Wednesday and ends Thursday. Students, faculty, staff, parents and friends of TCU are asked to make donations to TCU. Harmonie Farrow, director of the Office of Loyalty Giving, said that a large group of people coming together to donate is what makes a huge impact on TCU. “Being one of the nation’s to

What we're reading: Elizabeth Warren stands behind teachers on strike in Chicago

Elizabeth Warren joined teachers in their strike for better pay Elizabeth Warren traveled to Chicago to support educators’ strike for better pay. “I believe in public education and I believe it is time in America to make a new investment in public education,” Warren said, according to U.S. News. Warren made her appearance at the protests a day after she offered a K-12 proposal that emphasizes Chicago educators’ needs of increased pay, smaller class sizes and funding to hire more support staff

Birth control changes brain, women

Birth control may do more than prevent pregnancy, according to a TCU professor’s new book. Professor Sarah E. Hill, a professor in the department of psychology, revealed that the pill may control the way women think, feel and act — and it’s all in her book “This Is Your Brain on Birth Control: The Surprising Science of Women, Hormones and the Law of Unintended Consequences.” Because college students are typically the ones who take the pill, Hill wanted to inform them of its effect on your body

Stop wasting time, start managing it

TCU is helping students recognize and manage the responsibility that comes with the freedom of college. TCU’s Campus Recreation and Wellness Program hosted a time management workshop, a part of a series that is teaching students how to use their time more efficiently. “Time management is important because it is a skill that college students have the least experience with,” said Leann Maxwell, an academic coach at the Center for Academic Services. “New college students are not used to the puzzl

Career expo offers networking for students

Students had the opportunity to build networking skills and meet potential employers at Thursday’s Career and Intern Expo. The expo, which was open to all students and hosted by the Center for Career and Professional Development, offered advantages to those who attended. “For first-year students, it’s a great opportunity to get that experience with networking skills and to be able to have those conversations about potential internship opportunities,” said Mike Caldwell, the executive director

Boschini: New year, new leadership

TCU officially marked the start of the new academic semester Tuesday morning as faculty, staff and students filled Ed Landreth Auditorium for this year’s Fall Convocation. Chancellor Victor Boschini outlined his plans for this academic year at the ceremony. He said he wants to focus on improvement, emphasize more inclusion and strive for positivity–-despite the world’s negative forecast. “I want to try and discover the similarities we have,” Boschini said. “I think we are all more alike than w